What we offer

Vobco develops software products and offers services intended for capital markets. Our clients are trade associations which are looking for new solutions for everyday dealings.


Global Trader™ is a real time brokerage trading system which allows buying and selling financial instruments on global and local markets. Global Trader™ connecting stock markets, brokers and investor – broker's client in two-way communication. System automatically proccess all events related with capital market transactions in real time.


VobcoCharts is a pure JavaScript stock charting library for stock market securities, indexes, currencies and commodities (gold, silver, oil...). Easy and fast implementation on any website. It is device, platform and browser independent and works on all modern devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and browsers. It doesn’t require any client side plugins nor server side components.


Application KPU is intended for registering participating interest of members of company and related dealings. It is aligned by regulations of Republic of Croatia. Users can access application on the web (web application) or from their own machines if it used as standalone application.

According to regulations, company board has obligation to manage such records and to completely inform court Register about all changes. Board members are responsible for provided data with their whole property.


Application KND is a complete solution for managing stock company businesses according to regulations of depository agency of Republic of Croatia (SKDD). Application is used for data exchange between company and agency, sending orders to agency to commit changes and creating all kind of reports needed by board members of company or related.

What we guarantee

Our professional team provides all you need within as short period as possible.

Analitic approach

Individual and systematic solving of every request.

On-time delivery

Always keep track of defined deadlines.

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We are here for all your questions and problems.

Expert advisory

Long term experience in capital market businesses.

Up-to-date solutions

Our solutions are in line with latest technologies.


We ensure delivery of all agreed works.

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